Design and manufacture of high-performance machines for the global paint roller industry
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About Us

Who we are and what we do…

Edward Jackson (Engineer) Ltd. are leaders in the design and manufacture of high-performance winding and finishing machines for the global paint roller industry. Our mission is to set the standard for design, build-quality and innovation, followed up with excellent customer service and after-sales support.

Company History

Edward Jackson - An Ingenious Engineer

In 1968, armed with the guiding principle "There's always a way", Edward started developing ideas for the design of special purpose, electronically controlled, paint roller machinery . In the early 1970s prototype machines were developed by Edward, but it was in 1977 that a global merchant bought and resold the first batch of machines to a global market. In 1978 Edward Jackson (Engineer) Ltd was incorporated and the journey began...

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Company History

Machines Developed and Relationships Formed

With the model for precision-engineered machinery proven, Edward joined forces with a global sales representative (Rob Coleman) to take his ideas and designs to the wider-market, in particular the USA where paint roller production was already on a large scale. As demand for his machines increased, larger premises were required along with extra machinists to assist in production. Soon Jackson machines could be found in Australia, France, Portugal, Ireland and the USA.

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Company History

A Family Business

Rachel Jackson worked with Edward in the company from the beginning, her commitment and business skills allowing Edward the freedom to concentrate on his true passion, the machines themselves.

Having always fostered the idea that work, family life, and a love of what you do go hand in hand with success; technical drawings, machine tools and prototype ideas were always present in the Jackson household. Having grown up with and around Jackson machines, Tim inherited his fathers love of engineering, and having completed his masters degree at Newcastle University joined the business full time in 2002.


Company History

Handover of Skills and Experience

Together Tim, Edward and Rachel continued to build the reputation of Jackson machines, offering Reliable, Unique and Integrated solutions.

As Tim's experience grew so did his input in machine research and design, this culminated with his development of the Helix Thermo-Bonder Winder, first unveiled at InterBrush 2016 in Freiburg. Edward's close working relationship with his son allowed for the passing on of knowledge and experience. Tim has then built upon that legacy to keep Jackson machines at the forefront of industry technology whilst keeping true to the foundation of Concise and Clever engineering.

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Company History

A Growing Business

In 2020 and beyond, the business continues to move forward, with a growing team and ongoing product development. New technology demands new development, with machines such as the Helix Thermo-bonder and R3 now boasting better-than-ever computerisation, connectivity and automation. Possessing a passion for innovative solutions and the right team to deliver them, the question is what will we be "Setting-The-Standard" next...

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Our Values »


Clear, concise design and communication


Nothing superfluous, everything carries a purpose


Strong principles that ensure a superior standard


Built for the long-term


Leaders, not followers

Quality Over Cost

Only the best will do


Rethink the problem. Reimagine the solution


‘Laser guided’ engineering and problem-solving precision

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+44 1953 60 67 63

For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:

+44 1953 60 67 63

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For machine sales, information and pricing, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |

For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |