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Helix Thermo-Bonder Winding Machine

Modernise Your Production

The Jackson Helix Thermo-Bonder is an advanced, high output thermofusion paint roller winding machine that winds and bonds pile fabric on to pre-cut core tubes.

The mono-polymer melt delivers consistent strong adhesion and a high quality, cost effective end product. The benefits of a clean, controlled and accurate process speak for themselves 

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Key Features

  • Continous Process

    Continuous process, delivering consistent product

  • Thermo Bond

    Molten polypropylene for strong adhesion

  • Syncronised Servo-Drives

    Giving reliable winding pitch control

  • Touch Screen Control

    HMI touch screen control with product options and diagnostics

  • Remote Monitoring

    Enabling real time production information to be relayed to office or smartphone

  • Simple Setup

    Self-setting start-up with minimal operator intervention

  • Minimal Input

    Only one operator required

  • Automatic Tube Loading

    (via Edward Jackson loader unit)

  • Automatic resin pellet (PP) feeder

  • High Speed

    Up to 16m/52ft (Ten 38mm/1.5" dia tubes per minute)

  • CE marked

    All our machines have certification for sale to and use within the European Economic Area (alternate standards may apply to countries outside of the EU)

Stress-free setup

We offer commissioning and initial staff training at your facility by our engineer(s) - worldwide

Product Specification

Output 8m/26ft, 5 tubes per minute, up to 16m/52ft, 10 tubes per min (38mm, 1.5” ID) Depending upon product specification
Stock Tubes 1.5m (58”) to 1.8m (70.85”) in length
Wall thickness 1mm or thicker
Homo-Polymer Polypropylene (PP)
35 – 58mm ID (1.4” – 2.25”)
Fabric Knitted or woven
Polyester, Nylon, Wool, Acrylic
Standard strip width: 73mm
Pile height: up to 32mm (1.25”)
Resin Homo-polymer Polypropylene
(PP 579S recommended)
Application thickness: 0.3-0.45mm
PP consumption: 40-55g/m
Finished Roller Overall OD <100mm (4”)
Loader Capacity of up to 300 tubes
(dependent upon diameter)
Services Needed 400-480v 50-60hz, three-phase plus neutral Air: 30 l/min (1 cfm) @ 5.5bar (80 psi)
Dimensions 850kg Net 5.15 x 2.15 x 1.7m

Note: Performance criteria displayed in this document may vary subject to the materials being processed, quality, and process parameters set by the operator/user. Not all functions and/or quality attributes can be realised concurrently or at the maximum output speed of each operation.


The Helix Thermo-Bonder thermofusion paint roller winding machine from Edward Jackson (Engineer) Ltd winds and bonds strips of fabric on to pre-cut plastic core tubes.

Needing just one operator, it is designed for high quality, consistent, waste-free winding with an output of over 16m (ten core tubes) per minute.

The Helix winder is fully programmable for different paint roller products via a touch screen display, and real time production information and machine status can accessed remotely via computer or smartphone.

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Standard Product Warranty

Edward Jackson machines are covered by our worldwide Standard Product 12 month Warranty – full details upon request.

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For machine sales, information and pricing, please contact:

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For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:

+44 1953 60 67 63

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For machine sales, information and pricing, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |

For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |