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HSF3 High Speed Paint Roller Finishing Machine

High-Quality at High-Speed

Ideal for high volume producers who wont compromise on quality. Able to process 1.5" - 2" diameter wound tubes at a rate of ten per minute, HSF3 is the solution to producing your high-volume SKU's

Based on a rotating turret design, six process stations operate concurrently (loading, carding, shearing, bevelling, cutting and unloading), allowing time for each process to be carried out to achieve a high-quality finish, yet still achieve a high speed output.

Robustly built and based on unique design ideas, this machine is the bedrock for volume paint-roller manufacturers around the world.


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Key Features

  • Save Downtime

    Bevellers and knives easily changed for maintenance off the machine

  • Easy Adjustments

    For processing different materials

  • CE marked

    All our machines have certification for sale to and use within the European Economic Area (alternate standards may apply to countries outside of the EU)

  • High-Speed Quality Production

    Turret design allowing parallel operations and high-speed production without compromising quality

  • Multiple Functionality

    Loading, Carding, Shearing (option), Bevelling, Cutting, Tube-cleaning (option), Ejection operations

  • Easy To Use

    Simple and robust controls

  • Debris Extraction

    Available via stand-alone fan and filter unit (option) or connection to factory system

  • Constant Speed

    10 pre-wound tubes per minute for all finishing operations

Stress-free Setup

We offer commissioning and initial staff training at your facility by our engineer(s) - Worldwide

Product Specification

Output: 10 pre-wound tubes per minute
5400 7” rollers per hour
10 pre-wound tubes per minute
4200 9” rollers per hour
Stock Tubes: Up to 1.68m (66”) in length Polypropylene, PVC, Phenolic, Card
38mm – 51mm ID (1.5” – 2”)
Fabric: Knitted or woven
Polyester, Nylon, Wool, Acrylic, Microfibre
Pile: Up to 32mm (1.25”) 37.5 degree Bevel angle
Minimum Cut: 75mm (3”) long (limited by distance required between beveller units)
Roller Processing: 9” rollers require 8 beveller units and 8 knife units
7” rollers require 10 beveller units and 10 knife units
3” rollers require 14 beveller units and 14 knife units (maximum load per mandrel of 9 x 3” rollers and 4 x 9” rollers)
Services Needed: 13kw average, 400-480v
50-60hz, three-phase
Air: 8 l/sec (max flow) @ 5.5bar (80 psi)
Dimensions: Machine 4.8 x 1.4 x 1.6m Fan & Filter (optional) 2.36m x 1.54m x 3.85m

Spare Parts

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Standard Product Warranty

Edward Jackson machines are covered by our worldwide Standard Product 12 month Warranty – full details upon request.

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For machine sales, information and pricing, please contact:

+44 1953 60 67 63

For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:

+44 1953 60 67 63

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For machine sales, information and pricing, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |

For spare parts and technical queries, please contact:
+44 1953 60 67 63 |