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Despite satisfied customers telling us how effectively their RF machines were working, we were convinced that this model could be taken even further. A year and a half of development later and the result is the new R2 model Flexible Roller Cutting and Finishing Machine.

Every aspect of the machine was reviewed and significant improvements were gained in speed, quality, operator safety and ease of use. For example, the bevellers have been redesigned allowing a whole raft of improvements, from safer and quicker adjustment of roller length to enabling the standard bevel angle on all rollers, right down to 3" in length. It is not just 'normal operation' that has been improved, either. Changes in the tube loading and guarding mean that accessibility to the feed area is greatly improved and unplanned stoppages, such as tube misfeeds, can now be sorted out in seconds!

The R2 Flexible Paint Roller Finishing Machine is designed for versatility and the ability to produce world beating roller covers. It is ideal for companies that have lower volume requirements, or larger firms that want short production runs of their high-end products. Controlled via a touch-screen display, the machine can store up to 635 product programs for easy retrieval of machine parameters. A number of features aid maintenance and troubleshooting, for example a special 'Setup' run mode makes setting for a new product or fabric easier than ever before. See the R2 in action here, including a full product change!

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