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HSF Narrow Beveller

beveller and knife

Keep your machine a 'Jackson' machine

The genuine beveller for our HSF machine is superior to anything else on the market, and now its even better! We have developed a new fixed blade to offer even better service life and performance, helping you keep making great products with less maintenance costs. 

Here's why we know they are the best:

  • Precision engineered and manufactured components (just like the rest of your HSF)
  • Designed for rigidity
  • Ease and precision of adjustment (longitudinal and lateral)
  • Designed to work in harmony with the HSF extraction system. Correct ventilation of the beveller draws waste product out of the way of the cutting surfaces and off the finished product
  • Increased fixed blade life (designed for quick and easy sharpening)
  • Our rotating blades (cutter cartridge) and fixed blades are design to provide a very clean cut with minimal force. Accurate cutting rather than tearing gives you precise control over the finish of your quality product

You wouldn't put aftermarket parts on a race car, so why do the equivalent with your HSF? - keep your machine a 'Jackson' machine

(beveller pictured on LHS, knife wheel assembly on RHS)

Please contact us if you would like to find out more, our technical team are here to help!

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